I have the travel bug too.


Are you looking at different destinations? Somewhere that will take you away from the snow, sleet, and rain? Not to worry I get it.


There’s something incredibly special about travelling. Taking an opportunity to explore a new country, coastline, province, state, city, town, or community is certainly something that will always spark excitement for me. Getting the chance to meet new people, try some new food, or take an unexpected venture that might even make you super nervous. These are the things that makeup travel.

Incorporating all these things into a wedding, well not sure if it could be any better. So to answer your question, “Do I travel for weddings?” the answer is 

Offering special discounts to select destinations that are on my travel wish list:​​
  • New Zealand

  • Iceland

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Scotland

  • Austria 

  • Italy

  • Japan

  • Hawaii

  • Alaska

  • Utah

If your dream wedding destination isn’t listed, no stress. I’m always keen on checking out a new adventure spot and would love to tag along.