Let's Make Some Art.

Okay, so you've decided to get married! Wooo what a feeling. Planning the celebration where you and your person will begin the journey of FOREVER. You've been thinking about wedding photography, and this is probably your first experience doing this as it is for many couples. You've been looking into packages and discussing: coverage rates, why you might want a second photographer, thinking about what the heck a "first look" is, looking into additional portrait sessions, and then it might just hit you... 





What do we plan on doing with these images after all is said and done?

First thought... Instagram. Sure that's nice, then all my friends who couldn't make it will see the details from the wedding!

Second thought. Facebook. Again Grandma Barb will love to see all the family shots and the rest of our friends who aren't in the country can see our big day.

Third thought, I'll email them out.

Fourth, I'll find the time and send a thank you note with a few prints.

Fifth, I'll share the whole gallery of images with the fam. 

Reality hits. Those cherished photographs remain in the digital world and get neglected. You get busy and fewer and fewer prints are made. That's just the way it goes, life takes over and your schedule only becomes more full. And you'd rather be out there enjoying your limited free time with your loved ones. I totally get it.

That's where I want to

 come in and help.

I wanna make those prints happen for you! I wanna help display your absolute favourite memories from this magical day throughout your home and create tangible keepsakes that will be enjoyed for generations. Create photographic albums that will forever be a timeless remembrance/reminder of your love on that day and the people you shared it with. Let's create some bad ass art.  I wanna help take away the pressure and anxiety that comes with deciding what to do with your images. I can give you guidance and advice to find a solution that works for you.

Whether that's a gallery wall, wedding album, or custom prints I wanna make that magic happen. 

That's why all my full day Wedding Photography packages include 40 hand selected 4x6 prints. I want you to experience what physical prints feel like from such a special day in your life. There's something unique about holding a memory from a snapshot in time, and to feel the emotion from the day drift back to you.


All photographic prints will be printed on premium archival paper. Producing images with rich elegant colour. These stylish matte and lustre prints will have a longevity of 60 years when cared for and displayed in normal settings, making sure your images will last a lifetime.

All photographs are professionally processed and come in a variety of sizes.

Take a walk through my print products to see what might spark your artistic vision. 

Have something a little different in mind? Let me know, I love design and would be thrilled to work together to create something really awesome!


Email me directly at info@cmckenziephotography.com